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How It Started


Baseball runs through Jordan’s veins. He could throw a ball before he could walk. He always dreamed of making a career in baseball and set the bar very high for success. 

Over the past decade, Jordan built a well-respected portfolio in the baseball industry including his extensive knowledge of baseball and his skill set to recognize top talent. He was able to establish himself in Florida’s baseball scene and build a network of reputable professionals in the baseball industry. Jordan helped many high school athletes get into top baseball programs in colleges across America and was a role model in the baseball industry. But his dreams were bigger…

What started out as a trip to the Dominican Republic in January 2019, turned into this bold idea of building his own academy, developing personally recruited players into top professional prospects, and representing them as their player agent in the international MLB draft. Jordan witnessed the potential to build a lucrative and humble business in Dominican Republic through baseball, thus Elevate Baseball Academy was born.

Where It’s Going… | About | Ostrov Baseball Academy

Where It’s Going…

Elevate Baseball Academy finished its third year since inception. During that time, the academy has grown into a strong organization, signing multiple players into the Major Leagues. Proof of concept has been met and the financial potential has been realized. 

It is our goal to grow the baseball academy by:

  • Building our own facilities and fields and owning our own complex (this will eliminate the high cost of renting our current academy and build our asset portfolio).
  • With more space, we will be able to recruit additional athletes into our program and expand our player roster and revenue potential.
  • Hosting MLB tryouts and scouting events at a state-of-the-art facility will generate more traffic to our academy
  • Adding additional equipment and training facilities for our athletes so they have the most modern and advanced technology available. Batting cages, batting tunnels, indoor infield training etc. ensures our athletes can train and develop in all weather conditions.